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January 24 1888 – a German aircraft designer and manufacturer Ernst Heinkel was born.

Ernst Heinkel

Ernst Heinkel was born in Grunbach, Germany on the 24th of January 1988. He started as an apprentice machinist at a foundry. He became interested with aviation through his fascination with zeppelins, a type of rigid airships.

In 1909, he attended an international airshow in Frankfurt am Main. In 1910, he built his first aircraft but unfortunately it crashed and burned. Still he did not loose confidence but rather he continue his work and then he became chief designer for the Albatros Aircraft Company located in Berlin just before the beginning of the First World War.

In Albatros, he designed the Albatros B-II. It was an unarmed reconnaissance biplane during the First World War. He left the Albatros and he designed several seaplanes for Hansa-Brandenburg Company in 1914. Later he was appointed as head designer in a re-established Caspar-Werke but left due to a dispute on ownership of a design.

In 1922, Heinkel established the Heinkel-Flugzeugwerke company. He looked for overseas contracts and so some of his seaplane designs are being licence-built in Sweden.

Heinkel He 111

Adolf Hitler came to power and the designs of Heinkel’s firm formed a vital part of the Luftwaffe’s growing strength that leads up to the Second World War. The design includes Heinkel He 59, a trainer, transport, ambulance, torpedo bomber type of aircraft; Heinkel He 115, a three seats torpedo bomber aircraft; and the Heinkel He 111, medium bomber and perhaps the most famous symbol of the German side of the Battle of Britain.

On the 30th of January 1958, Ernst Heinkel died in Stuttgart, Germany.


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